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seal deal is a marketplace for professional truck drivers that are looking for a new employer, job offer or project. We connect them with the best fitting employers easy, fast and completely free of charge. Our services include the entire European market.

Sign up and create your profile within only 3 minutes, no CV or written application is needed. We only ask you to state your preferred place of work, expected salary and times of work that you are looking for.
The entire process is free of charge for you. No signup fees, no commission or anything else will be charged!
seal deal offers employers from entire Europe, we are not limited to any country to give you the best options and choice for your new job!

How It Works

First step
Register and create your profile. We only ask you to submit your preferred distances of transport, times you like to work, desired salary and your location where you would like to work.
Second step
Your qualification? Which type of truck licenses do you hold, your experiences in years, of different truck types and cargo.
Third step
Voluntarily: Who are you? Style of work, communication and interaction with your employer and colleagues.


What is seal deal?

seal deal is a platform that puts job-seeking truck drivers and employers in touch. Searching drivers are matched to any suitable employer. If the driver decides to contact us, the participating employer will receive the application directly in his digital mailbox.

How does seal deal work?

  1. Truck drivers sign up or log in to www.sealdeal.ai
  2. They indicate their location, desired distances, times and salary, experiences gained with different truck types and cargo. On a voluntary basis truck drivers can also indicate their style of work, communication and team work preferences. Finally appropriate employers are proposed to the professional drivers.
  3. With only one click the drivers decide which company should receive their application. You can apply to as many companies as you like.
  4. The selected company receives the driver's seal deal application in its digital mailbox.

Who is seal deal for?

seal deal enables the efficient finding of truck drivers for companies of all sizes. Through the personal login area, customers receive a professional recruiting tool. Drivers receive the transparent selection of the best individual employers and thus get in touch with their future employer within couple of minutes.

Why is a seal deal job profile more efficient than job advertisements?

The seal deal job profile is automatically matched with searching drivers, so it is permanently visible and relevant. Companies define individual, local and regional search criteria and receive relevant applications. Business customers can accurately analyze the performance of their ad, such as how often the ad has been viewed and how they compare to the local industry average.

Why is the seal deal job profile relevant?

seal deal works with real-time data. This means that every driver who has selected a company is looking for a new job at this moment. By sending the driver's application in real time, it is possible to contact you in a few minutes.

What does a seal deal application look like?

A seal deal application is a standardized application of the driver. This contains information such as salary expectations, place of residence, driving licence classes, additional qualifications, etc. Due to the uniform form, the seal deal applications are comparable at a glance. With the personal login area, we offer our business customers a simple, clear and efficient way of managing applicants.

How do employers receive a seal deal application?

Companies receive the seal deal application directly into the digital mailbox of their personal login area. There, employers can manage all seal deal applications and their job profiles. You will also receive an e-mail notification of receipt of a new application.

What’s the pricing?

For professional truck drivers the service is free of charge at all. Employers will be charged with a subscription based model as indicated here: LINK to sub model

Who should I contact in cases of further questions?

Please feel free to send an email with your questions and contact details to info@sealdeal.ai

About Us

seal deal is marketplace that helps to connect professional truck drivers and companies searching truckers. With a great demand of about 60,000 truck drivers companies have a the challenge to find suitable employees to cope with the demand for transporting goods. seal deal help companies to expand their recruiting network to the entire European market. With market experience in Eastern Europe we offer a great employee base for companies that want to increase their cargo transportation capacity.

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