Sealing your M&A transaction

seal deal is a fully automated M&A insurance broker.
Our AI solution helps you to focus on what counts mosts - the success of your transaction!
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seal deal offers an B2B marketplace with a fully automated M&A insurance broker service by having an algorithm do it, rather than a human.

The marketing, underwriting and negotiation process is fully automated and independent of your transaction value. We give power and control to deal makers, by directly, objectively and transparently showing you all options of suitable M&A insurances available to you.

Your transaction efficiency and security are increased while unnecessary commissions and fees are minimized.

Automated marketing
Create an insurance request within only three steps. Request will be marketed anonymously to registered insurance companies. Suitable insurers are displayed and recommended.
Automated insurance due diligence
After selecting the optimal insurer, more information is uploaded for analysis. Automated insurance due diligence, which only takes a few minutes.
Automated underwriting
Recommendation and preparation of a suitable policy agreement.

How It Works

First step
Create your profile as a buy-/sell-side investor and get validated.
Second step
Create a request for an M&A insurance and provide initial information of the transaction. seal deal automatically reviews and analyses the initial information. Afterwards, the request is anonymously marketed to registered insurance companies to receive quotes. Suitable insurers will be matched and recommended to you.
Third step
After you select your optimal insurer, seal deal analyses further information and other potential risks in an automated due diligence that will only take a few minutes. This algorithm is based on the provided information and documentation of the transaction.
Fourth step
seal deal creates and recommends fitting policy wording and coverage position.
Fifth step
After you and the insurer agree to the policy the issuing and start of the insurance begins.
The benefit
Cost and time savings of up to 90% in comparison to traditional M&A insurance brokers. Focus on what counts most - the success of your transaction!


What is seal deal?

seal deal offers an B2B marketplace with a fully automated M&A insurance broker service. It is a closed platform that connects financial/strategic investors and all advisors involved with insurance companies/brokers.

Who has access to seal deal?

seal deal only grants access to verified financial/strategic investors, representatives, advisors and insurance companies/brokers. Before access is granted, each applicant is examined manually in order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of seal deal.

How does the verification process works?

In order to maintain the integrity of our verification process, please understand that we do not provide detailed information about the verification process.

Who is able to view my deals?

Only verified insurance companies/brokers of seal deal have access to your information. Detailed information as well as data on ongoing M&A projects are – according to your preferences – only visible after you approve a matching between you and the insurance company/broker.

Who are the users of seal deal?

seal deal connects all relevant parties around the topic of M&A insurances. Typical users are therefore buy-/sell side investors (of all branches of industry and service, industrial holding companies, private equity funds, family offices and asset managers), corporations, M&A lawyers and advisors and insurance companies/brokers globally and industry sector independent.

What types of insurances can I find on seal deal?

Seal deals service is focused on Warranty & Indemnity insurances (W&I).

What’s the pricing?

seal deal is launched free of charge to users.

Who should I contact in cases of further questions?

Please feel free to send an email with your questions and contact details to

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About Us

seal deal is an smart solution that helps to insure M&A transactions independent of their value, sector or location. We make it possible to efficiently conduct the M&A insurance process with less effort and time involved while reducing costs significantly. By excluding a classic broker, the parties in the M&A process regain direct control, objectivity and transparency. Transaction efficiency and security are increased while unnecessarily high commissions and fees are minimized.

David Sanft
Founder & CEO
Master in Finance, experiences in M&A & business development  Linkedin

Daniel Serafimovik
Co-Founder & CTO
Software engineer, senior full-stack software developer  Linkedin

Frederik Vollert
B2B-SaaS-Founder, CSO and shareholder PhraseApp / Dynport GmbH
Jochen Ihler
Former Executive VP Mittelstandsbank Commerzbank, Senior Advisor One Square
Pouyan Fard
AI & Data Science Consultant, Data Science Circle, former Consultant Accenture
Julian Coley
Consultant Corporate Finance, Associate Director, IPONTIX
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